Day 25/90

Day 25/90

So today is ofcourse a very important day, its my birthday. I mean, I know it should be a national holiday, but I have been a lazy bum my whole life, so maybe in my next life. 

Today, I made myself birthday biscuts, not biscuits, but biscuts. See, in my childhood, I used to have these neighbourhood friends called Nikki and Chuchu, and I went for their birthday once, and they owned a huge radio cum stereo player kind of thing. And they were playing the official birthday song back then…“hum bhi agar bacche hote” (If we were kids…) They served biscuits at that party, and the aunty told me off as I was my usual greedy self and was taking more than the other kids. So, here goes. In loving memory of my childhood neighbourhood scene, I made biscuts. The original lyrics call for ladoos, but I made biscuts. See the video here.

I was attracted to a very particular recipe, as it said its from 1933. I am pretty sure they are lying, but the biscuits taste decent. So here goes. 😀 I added sugar out of my own volition, and some vanilla essence. Essence is essential. Essential is essence. 


What you need: 

Two cups of flour 
One teaspoon of baking powder 
Four tablespoons of butter 
Half a teaspoon of salt 
A teaspoon of essence 
Three fourth of a cup of milk 
Half to three fourth of a cup of sugar 

The process

1. Ok choons, so first, sift the flour, with the salt and baking powder. 

2. Add the butter. Preheat the oven to 200 degrees celcius. 

3. Add the sugar, vanilla essence, and milk. Then knead the dough. 

4. Shape into round things, and flatten. Then put in the oven.

5. Take out and enjoy. Oh, and if you have sprinkles, add them at the shaping stage, which is step four in this recipe, incase you are stupid and didnt notice. 


5 thoughts on “Day 25/90

  1. Yum Yum. I know this other childhood story of yours. While some said, they were North Indians and the rest, they were south Indians, you said you are Half Indian. 😛 Heard it in aphis. Hope you enjoyed the Biscuts.

  2. Haha, happy birthday again! Hope you had fun. Having actually eaten the birthday bisCUTS i can vouch that they were brilliantly delish! My granny also said so 🙂 So there you go. Ultimate validation. Also your b'day should be a national holiday. Its true.

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