Day 28/90

Day 28/90

Ok, so basically today was Oreo day. I have been meaning to make this simply sinful oreo milkshake for quite some time now, and today I did. No recipe required, today’s cooking was straight from the heart and I got the recipe spot on. There is just something so wonderful about no recipe I will do my own thing cooking. 🙂 

So here goes…. 😀 


What you need: 

Seven oreo biscuits 
A cup and a little more of ice cream 
Half a cup of milk 

The process: 

1. Look at the oreos. For my choons interested in history, here is some:

2. Take out six from the pack, and smash them with a rolling pin, and add to your mixie. 

3. Add the ice cream and milk, and hand crush the precious seventh oreo into crude bits. Add this too. This is what it looks like. 

4. Take out, pour into a glass, and add a little knob of ice cream on top. 

5. Drink it up. While youre drinking, check this out.


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