Day 31/90

Day 31/90

You know, I have meaning to make cinnamon buttered toast for quite some time now, ever since I ate some at a cafe. I figured it cant be too difficult, how tough can cinnamon and butter and toast be? Sheesh! So I had a renewed sense of purpose today. Yay. 

Ok so here goes…

Recipe source, which wasnt really followed today, but anyway:


What you need: 

A tablespoon of vanilla sugar, which I made at home. Ha! You can just combine some icing sugar with a teaspoon of vanilla essence 
A tablespoon and a half of butter, melted
Three to four cloves of cinnamon, crushed 
Three slices of bread 

What to do: 

1. Mix the butter, sugar and cinnamon together. 

2. Apply this onto the bread, both sides, and put in the oven, five minutes on each side, and more if it doesn’t become brown and crispy looking. 

3. Take out and enjoy, would be delightful with some fresh cream, but I didnt have any. Pug my life! 


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