Reflective recipes

Reflective recipes

18.04.2013 : 12: 42 pm

What does communal eating do for the soul? Can you feel the ingredients in your food? Do you remember the conversations, the nuances, the tone of voice? When something is really tasty, do your eyes light up and break dance? When something is bitter do you remember your reaction of disgust? What were you eating for your last meal? Was it alone, with a friend, a lover or an animal? What was your meal made up of? Did you buy a ready meal, a meal deal, or some ‘fast food’? Or did you sit down and cook from scratch? I am thinking about these things and more, and connecting my life’s key moments to recipes. These may include some from this blog, and some new ones I have come up with while here in the UK. Every recipe in this section means a lot to me, and I hope you enjoy them too.


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