Of sesame tofu and transcribing blues.

Of sesame tofu and transcribing blues.

Since ive moved blogs onto wordpress, I havent really blogged, but im back now, hopefully cooking more often. I have started research work at a spice center, a space where women come together to grind spices and pound flour, and I visit the centre thrice a week. Next to the centre is a health food store, where my mother bought some tofu the other day, and has been telling me to deal with it. I have been thinking about sesame tofu for really long, and decided to make some today. I have been vegetarian for over two months now, so this tofu recipe really called out to me.

Here is the recipe source: http://caloriecount.about.com/whole-foods-pan-fried-sesame-recipe-r139629

Today has also been a day when ive been transcribing a never-ending interview. I loved taking the interview, a big first for me, since ive never carried out my own research before, but always helped out others. This interview was in Hindi, so it included translation and transcribing. Initially I just transcribed everything, but then thought about it, and im (slightly) more selective now. It still hasnt finished, probably needs an hour more of work. So anyway, since the tofu was just silently sitting there in the fridge, I decided to dress it up with some sesame seeds and create a lovely sauce to go along. Here is what you need to do this:

A package of tofu

Three tablespoons of finely chopped ginger

Two cloves of garlic, chopped finely

Three tablespoons of soy sauce

Two-three tablespoons of sesame oil

Two tablespoons of Vinegar

One third a cup of honey/agave

Two tablespoons of vinegar (I used white wine, you use whatever you want)

Red pepper flakes to taste

Four tablespoons of toasted sesame seeds (you know they are toasted when they splutter)

What to do: (very simple, dont expect fancy stuff)

1. Boil together everything except the tofu. Keep aside. Yo.


2. For the tofu, place it between two plates/chopping boards and squeeze out as much water as possible. Place a weight on top, I had a bag of vegetables ready. Dont mind the plastic bag please, we usually take a cloth bag to the vegetable store.



Chop it up into cubes, dust some cornflour over it, and deep fry. You can totally avoid this, and just have it with raw tofu. Which doesnt really taste like anything so make up your mind. This recipe is also grandma approved. 🙂




And then the sauce pouring happened. Image

This is finally what it looks like.


I had some sesame seeds left over so im making four seed toasted hummus tomorrow. Nom nom nom. And now I have the strength to transcribe again. 😀



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