It rained, and watermelon iced tea passed by. .

It rained, and watermelon iced tea passed by. .

I looked out of my balcony and it was raining. Not blah rain, but proper rain, with huge droplets, it came pouring down, and in some senses, it washed away all my troubles. So while this was happening, I noticed a lonely watermelon in my fridge. It has spent a week in my fridge, possibly some time before that on vines, and I think it was time today to use it up. I thought of making watermelon iced tea, and looked up the internet for recipes. I couldnt really get anywhere, so I said let the recipes be for today, im going to do my own thing. So here is what I have. 


What you need

A watermelon, chopped up 

Two smallish/one large lemon(s) juiced up 

A cup of sugar 

One litre of water 

Tea leaves, as per the strength of the tea you prefer 

Mint sprigs to garnish 

What to do: 

1. Chop up the watermelon, and blend it in your blender for a bit. 


2. Prepare some tea, with the water, sugar and tea leaves. 


3. In a huge pot/vessel, add the tea. Mix in the watermelon juice(with a strainer) and lemon juice.




4. Add some ice, and pour into glasses. 


5. Garnish with mint leaves. I have mint growing on my terrace, so I went up to fetch some. And I really loved what I saw. Image



6. Serve. 


7. Put the rest in a pretty bottle for later use. 


8. Enjoy this experience. 



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