What’s in your blender? # 3

What’s in your blender? # 3

Im vegan again! The stars are shining brighter than before, the leaves are greener, my running shoes are shinier, and life is better. This time around, im not super strict, and I will have non-vegan stuff if nothing else is available. Im also having my B12 tablets everyday. Anyway. So what I am following, on the advice of my vegan family members, (YES, I have a vegan immediate family! 😀 ), is an oil free/very low oil, low fat vegan diet. This means that I cant guzzle soy, pile on the agave and EVOO, and generally cultivate bad habits. BOO. Anyway, so I made some oil-free pesto. Can you believe it? Pesto without EVOO. 😀 So here goes. 


What you need: 
Two tomatoes, medium 

3/4th cup pine nuts 

a lot of basil, the more the better (around two huge handsful) 

Salt and pepper to taste. 

Six garlic cloves, or more or less, depending on your garlic temperature 

What to do:

Blend all the ingredients and pesto is ready. 😀 







It even tastes good with aloo papad made in the microwave. 🙂 Image

Recipe source: http://momsla.com/2013/07/pesto-recipe-with-without-oil/

Please make this, and I really hope you enjoy this recipe as much as I did. Love you! 


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