So I came across a recipe for Vegan Enchiladas, and was over the moon. I mean, ive never made these before, but when I read the ingredients, I had ALL the spices in my kitchen already. Mexican food seems a bit similar to Indian food. I mean, I dont know what pinto beans are, but I looked up online and used kidney beans, or rajma as we call it, and it turned out pretty awesome. Here is a recipe. I dont really know how authentic this is, should have asked my mexican friends but realized only after I had already made this dish. So here goes. 


Recipe source:

What you need: (Today, for the first time in Cooking with some help’s history, I will give the ingredients, and then IMMEDIATELY give the recipe, yo bebe) 

Potato, kidney bean and mushroom layer: 

6 potatoes

Salt and pepper to taste 

A box of mushrooms 

1-2 onions, chopped lengthwise

Garlic to taste

Lemon juice to taste

2 cups of cooked kidney beans 

What to do: 

Bake the potatoes, sprinkled with salt, pepper and olive oil, at 200 degrees celsius for 15 mins, until they are cooked, basically you can put a fork through. Heat up a wok, add the onions and garlic, and salt to taste,  then add the mushrooms and de-moistureize them. 😛 Once these are done, add the potatoes and kidney beans and mix well. Add the lemon juice at the end. This is what they look like before they are baked. 


Tomato saucy stuff 

Two teaspoons each of cumin and coriander seeds 

Garlic to taste 

Two onions chopped lengthwise 

6-8 tomatoes, pureed in the mixie…puree or die. 

1-2 green chillies, chopped round round 

What to do: 

Cook the sauce. I mean, first add the cumin, then hear it splutter. Then goes the coriander, sense it roar and rumble tumble. Add the onion, garlic and mirchi. Add the tomato puree. Cook well, as well as you can. 

For the cashew cheese

1 cup of cashews, soaked for like 2 hours

Enough water to cover them


What to do:

Puree everything together. Just puree it baby.  

And you also need 4-5 tortillas, just incase you forgot. 

Now for the main job involving all the prep. 

1. Take out a casserole and lightly grease with oil. 

2. Add some, like really little, maybe one karchi of tomato sauce, and then add two tortillas, or one huge one cut into two. 

3. Add some more sauce, and mess around the tortilla in the sauce. 

4. Add half the filling. 

5. Repeat the process. Add some tortillas and then more sauce. 

6. Add the other half of the filling, then more tortilla and more sauce. Start being stingy with the sauce at this stage precisely. 

6. The last layer should be tomato sauce. Add the cashew cream on top, and we are ready to bake in a preheated 200 degree oven for 20 minutes, or until the cashew cream starts to brown.  

Now, eat and eat and eat and eat some more and go to la la land and chill. 

Here is the final product: 




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