DISH Fifteen – Figarrot salad

DISH Fifteen – Figarrot salad

So today was one of the days where I wanted to pull together a salad from whatever I had at home. So I had some lettuce which was wilting, some rosemary bought so that I could make roasted potatoes, dried figs for a raw pie crust, and carrots generally lying around. Since I didn’t use any of these ingredients as originally planned, I put together a salad. Here is what you need:

One large carrot, cut lengthwise
Ten dried figs, quartered
A little bit of lettuce, chopped up
1 teaspoon each of brown sugar and sea salt
Three sprigs of rosemary, with the leaves taken out (are they called leaves?)
Juice of half a lemon

What to do:

1. Make the dressing with sugar, salt and lemon in a small bowl.

2. Drizzle it over the other stuff, which you should put in a large bowl.

3. Eat up fast before someone else does, or if you’re wise, you will eat it slowly and wait for the flavours to settle in.

Here are two pictures. Hope you make this and enjoy it and all.




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