Dish 16 – Raw pineapple tart

Dish 16 – Raw pineapple tart

Today I will tell you how to convert a lemon into a pineapple in your mind.

First, look for a raw lemon pie recipe online. Then, collect all the ingredients for it.

Then, start making the crust. Suddenly, you will spot some pineapple slices chilling in your fridge. Dream about the pineappleities (pineapple possibilities). Resume making the crust.

For the crust:

Half cup of dates (seeds removed; less if you want less sweet)
One fourth cup of almonds

What to do:

Blend everything together.

Press down into a pie dish and freeze for 30 mins to 1 hour. Try not to keep looking at it and touching it.

Meanwhile, the pineapple slices were taken out of the fridge and gorged upon. And then she thought, let’s pie these!!!!

For the filling:

250 grams of cashews soaked for two hours
Sugar and lemon juice to taste ( khandsari sugar prefs)
A box of pineapple slices or one smallish pineapple chopped up.

– leave one piece finely chopped for decoration

What to do:

Blend everything together and put over the frozen pie crust.

Make the letter D (all cool people are named with D) or any other letter really, with your fingers or a spoon. Use the fingers please. Do this after it is set for sometime.

Then add the pineapple pieces into the imprint and freeze some more.

You are ready to dig in. And also you have made a lemon into a pineapple.

Pictures follow with the dish first and then the crust. WordPress app not cooperating.




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