Coming up with recipes for the KitchenAid and IFBM contest has been challenging. I am determined to give in atleast three recipes, and this is the second one. It is pretty straightforward really, and can be made easily. 

It involves 8 ingredients, four (probably, operative word being probably), already in your life, which you dont need to go to the store for I mean. 


Here is what you need: 

One 400 gram tin of condensed milk 

One 400 gram container of YOgurt, which you need to hang in a strainer or muslin cloth, until thick yogurt remains. 

15 marie biscuits, pulverized (you can do this by placing the biscuits between two sheets of paper and crushing them with a rolling pin) 

Two tablespoons of butter, melted 

Two tablespoons of lemon juice 

10-15 plums 

2-3 tablespoons of sugar, more or less depending on the sweetness of the plums 

Water, just enough to cover the plums 

What to do: 

1. Dance. Really, put on any music you love and just dance. The energy will flow into the cheesecake. 

2. Combine the melted butter and crushed biscuits.. 

3. Put this at the base of a springform pan, or any other dish you are using. 

4. Freeze this for 30 mins. 

5. Combine the yogurt and condensed milk together, and add the lemon juice. 

6. Add on top of the biscuit base. 

7. Put in the freezer for 2-3 hours, until firm basically. 

8. While it is freezing, add the plums, sugar and water to a pan. Cook until it reaches jam like consistency, around 15 minutes or more, depending on the hardness of the plums. 

9. Add on top of the cheesecake (which is in the freezer), and freeze for atleast 2-3 hours, best overnight. 

10. Cut into pieces and serve! Woohoo! 






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