The weekly salad challenge #2 : VEGAN ‘CAESAR’ SALAD

The weekly salad challenge #2 : VEGAN ‘CAESAR’ SALAD

So this week, Hamsini and I are targeting salads we have eaten at restaurants, and want to recreate at home. She is making a lovely salad with quinoa, and I was adventurous enough to try out a vegan ‘caesar’ salad. Now, ive loved the really heavy caesar salads we get at restaurants, with the shady little fried bread croutons. When I wasnt vegan, I would enjoy the lush caesar salad from Diva Restaurants, which is out of the world. The salad is not overpowered with dressing, and looks beautiful and perf. So go try that next time youre in Delhi. 🙂

So, coming back to the vegan point, I was wondering how to make a dressing which would taste similar to the restaurant salad dressing. I decided to use cashews, and made a big batch of cashew cheese, This was also for another surprise recipe im trying out tomorrow. But I will try and give you a recipe for the dressing (operative word being try).

So here goes. . .


What you need:
Two bunches of fresh lettuce

For the salad dressing:
One handful of cashews, soaked in water prefs overnight

Half a teaspoon of salt

5-10 green malabar peppercorns/any other peppercorns

Two cloves of garlic

Half a knob of ginger, sliced

Two teaspoons of lemon juice

Oregano and chili flakes to taste

What to do:

1. Blend all the dressing ingredients together.

2. Add the lettuce leaves to a huge salad bowl.

3. Coat the lettuce leaves with the dressing.

4. Eat this.

You could also add some corn for an extra crunch, I will try that and update you. Yo.




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