Vegan MoFo post 8 : copycat salad

Vegan MoFo post 8 : copycat salad

So the other day I went with my dear friend Eels to this restaurant called Big Chill, where I ordered a Mediterranean salad which was oh so good. I decided to try and copy at home. Here is what happened.

What you need for the copycat salad

For the grilled veg

Two medium potatoes, roughly chopped
Two smallish green peppers, roughly chopped again
One-two onions, lo and behold, roughly chopped
Three to four garlic cloves, skin removed, and chopped in half
Half a knob of ginger , chopped finely
Olive or any other oil (not mustard,sesame) to coat the vegetables
Oregano or herbs of choice to season

for the rest
5-7 dehydrated or sun dried tomatoes, chopped
One cucumber, diced
A bunch of lettuce
Two handfuls of boiled chickpeas

for the vinaigrette

Ten basil leaves, roughly chopped
A tablespoon of vinegar and sugar each

What to do:

1. Mix all the grilling stuff together and umm grill for a bit at a 250 degree oven, till it’s at the no crunch no mush stage, around ten minutes.

2. Take a huge salad bowl, and add the lettuce, chickpeas etc, basically NOT the vinaigrette ingredients.

3. Make the vinaigrette by mixing everything together.

4. Assemble the salad by just adding everything together forever, prefs with two huge spoons.

5. I love all of you uniformly xxx. Random but whatevs.



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