Vegan mofo post 18: Pineapple and potato curry!

Vegan mofo post 18: Pineapple and potato curry!

Today I finally used my granny’s cookbook, and in great style! I’m trying to look for vegan recipes, and then maybe veganize some other ones.

Here is what I made today.


What you need:
A cup of coconut milk
Three peeled and chopped potatoes
A can of pineapple slices (chopped) or a small ripe pineapple chopped
A teaspoon each of roasted fennel powder and cinnamon powder
A tablespoon of freshly ground red chilli powder if available (or just use ready to go)
Salt to taste
One sprig of curry leaves
Three stalks of lemongrass
A teaspoon of mustard seeds
Two chopped onions

What to do:

1. Heat up some oil in a wok, and add the mustard seeds first. Hear them crackle!

2. Add the lemongrass and curry leaves, and wait for it to let off it’s fragrance.

3. Add the onions and wait for them to brown.

4. Add the chopped potatoes.

5. Once they are done, (vaguely mushy), add the pineapples now.

6. Then add the chilli powder and salt.

7. Once it’s done, add the coconut milk.

8. Now add the cinnamon powder and roasted fennel seeds powder.

9. You’re done!

Enjoy with some white rice or ooh red rice.


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