Rawsome red sauce pasta

Rawsome red sauce pasta

I’m blogging after ages. Oh yes I am, oh yes I am!

A friend was visiting and she introduced me to the wonderful world of raw cooking. I mean, I have unknowingly cooked raw food earlier, for instance my Avo mousse, but this was special.

With her, I made green sauce pasta (parsley pesto la la la). By myself, I decided to make red sauce pasta. I looked up recipes online and found something on the rawtarian which I followed. Here is what went in and happened:

RAWSOME RED “pasta” (for one)

For the coodles(carrot noodles) :
Two carrots
One red pepper

For the sauce:
8-10 sundried tomatoes (packed in oil kind)
Three tomatoes, chopped
A sprig of parsley
Salt to taste
Two cloves of garlic, chopped

What to do:

1. Peel the carrot into noodle like strips. You can either chop them like that or use a peeler. I have this amazing peeler which my uncle gifted to me. So I use that only.

2. Chop the bell pepper finely.

3. Mix up the bell pepper and carrots together in a bowl. This is for fun.

4. Blend all the sauce ingredients together.

5. Add the sauce over the coodles and red pepper bits and enjoy your life starting now.



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