Is this a blogpost?

Is this a blogpost?

Hello to all. To all hello. My friend Ujeane tagged me in something really wonderful, about how someone overcame her depression through food blogging. Since I myself have been able to tide over dark days through food blogging, I thought I should write one post even if its non-sensical. Does non and sensical need a dash in the middle? God knows.

Ooh my maid and I baked some bread today. 🙂

Also, I now am actually, finally living my dream. I work at a super cool cafe. So, from last June (just checked, thats when the blog was updated last), to this April, shit has moved well. I left the “social sector” (have always found that hilarious), and moved into the world of food! The move has not really been easy, it involved sleeping at home for many months, and then a facebook status gave me a break.

So basically this choon is doing well for herself. Some highlights from June 2015 to April 2016.

-A feature in the last issue of Prevention Magazine, India with super healthy vegan recipes!

-A job at a supremely cool cafe

-Hosting friends for a rainbow themed birthday lunch and having another canape party!


-Successfully completing a Plant Based Culinary Arts course!

-Attending a Partha Chatterjee lecture at JNU!

Ok enough exclamations. Im going to chill for a bit. Love you all. And I think I might resume blogging every Monday!

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