Vegan mofo post 16: Dessert pizza

Vegan mofo post 16: Dessert pizza

So today with just three days to go for the end of Mofo, I decided to recreate what I ate sometime ago at my lovely friend Neeharika’s house. We made this delicious dessert pizza with mangoes and evoo and honey, and I decided to replicate with apples.

What you need:

A medium size pizza base
Enough evoo (extra Virgin olive oil) to cover the base and coat the apples
5 apple slices (I ate the rest of the apple and also fed some to my dog. Yes)
A tablespoon of sugar
Salt to taste

What to do:

1. Coat the base with evoo.

2. Put the apples on top, and cover this with the sugar and some more evoo.

3. Bake in a pre heated 200 degree Celsius oven for 15 minutes.

4. Let it cool down and cut it up and then eat.


What’s in your blender? #2

What’s in your blender? #2

Teresa gave me a recipe for a cold summer soup called Salamojero, which was oh-so-amazing. It involves bread, oil, tomatoes,garlic and salt, ingredients found in homes all over the world. I loved this recipe, so simple and so beautiful. 

The recipe link is here:–tomato-and-bread-soup-20121123-29v35.html

I have some pictures here, follow them and be happy and dance. Also listen to Slow motion angreja, your life will improve a bazillion times over. 


1. Blend the tomatoes and garlic. 


2. Crush the bread when you place it in the bowl. 


3. Mix the tomato-garlic mix, bread, oil and salt togetherImage


4. Blend this mix again. 

5. Drizzle some balsamic vinegar over this and enjoy. This soup really speaks summer. Image

The recipe said you could add ham, or boiled eggs on top, but I am veggie so I didnt. You can do what you want. But make this soup yo.