In August 2014, will come the very exciting Indian Food Bloggers meet. On these two days in August, the world will witness an August gathering of epic individuals, with the common factor being their identities as food bloggers.


Now I will admit, Im not really the best of bloggers. In 2012, I started blogging with a 90 day challenge, chronicled at , and then basically never stopped. The problem with me is that im not regular and have a dozen excuses lined up at any given time. Boo. Right when I had given up all hope, and basically stopped blogging, an email from my dear friend Hamsini arrived. It informed me about this blogger meet, and I suddenly became really excited, nervous, apprehensive, budget conscious, all at the same time. Eventually, I decided to go for it, and paid up. I transfered money for the first time, at the old age of 25 🙂 This will also be awesome for me in the sense that I will get to meet a lot more bloggers, and get connected to their writing.

The impressive line-up of speakers, other super interesting food bloggers who are turning up, and the very city of Bangalore where I stayed till the tender age of 3, all got me excited enough to book my tickets! Im coming to the meet fellow bloggers, oh yes I am, oh yes I am 🙂 You can read more about the meet here.

For those of you wondering who is turning up, the list is cool beans. Apart from the main 4 organizers, there are cookbook writers, KitchenAid people, food stylists, photographers, chefs and social media experts among others.

This meet will be amazing, I can feel it in my fingers, I can feel it in my toes.

Before I retire for the night, here is a recipe for an easy summer smoothie:

What you need (for two glasses)

Half a watermelon, or a small full one, chopped up with seeds removed

One handful of spinach

pink himalayan rock salt (Kala namak hee hee), to taste

A teaspoon each of Amla and Flax seed powder

Three tablespoons of alfalfa sprouts, or any other sprouts really.

What to do: 
Blend it baby. Thats it. Seriously. Just blend.

I will upload a photo soon, when I make this again, it was so delicious I just gulped it. Woop!