Day 62/90

Day 62/90

Today was a crazy day for me, blogging wise. The kitchen was full of activity, because my mother decided to cook today, and Dipanker, my brother from another mother, happened to come over for dinner. So we all decided to cook up a storm. When three ladies hit the kitchen, something wonderful has to happen. ūüôā¬†

So, my help Sujita made a wonderful pizza, my mother made jacket potatoes, I made a vanilla cake with chocolate and strawberries on top, along with some healthy bok choy. Nupur Shaw, hope youre listening. ūüėõ¬†

Also, I love Shreya and Sujatha ka cchhata. I miss both of you, and I wish I could jump across to Mumbai when I felt like. Ok, maybe in my next life. ūüôā¬†

So todays blog goes out to Dipanker, my lovely brother whom I love dearly, and these two lovely ladies. 

I am focussing on what I made, with help ofcourse, but you will also get basic recipes for the other stuff which you will have to figure out. I mean, this is assuming that each of you choons is very intelligent. Also, GO LISTEN to Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, and also the Mekaal Hasan band, not just because Mekaal Hasan is someone my grand mother finds good looking, but because chal bulleya is a lovely song. Here is the youtube link: here goes.. 

Recipe number one: 


What you need: 

Two and a half cups flour 
Two teaspoons baking powder 
One teaspoon baking soda 
One fourth teaspoon salt 
Two tablespoons vinegar 
Two tablespoons vanilla extract/essence 
Two tablespoons sugar 
One can condensed milk, use Amul please 
Half a cup of melted butter 
One cup of water ( I forgot to add it, nothing happened, you can omit it too pooches) 

For the icing 

A bada bar of dairy milk ūüėÄ , 180 grams of dairy milk basically¬†
Three tablespoons of butter 
100 ml of cream, half the carton 

For the strawberries 

One box of strawberries 
Sugar to coat them 
A teaspoon of vanilla essence( This is optional really) 

What to do: 

1. Mix everything together. Im serious, just put it all in and mix. I mean, its better if you put the dry ingredients first, but pug that, just mix. 

2. Add it to a baking dish, and bake for 20 mins, in a 200 degrees celcius oven. I burnt mine, but ofcourse my lovely brother salvaged it, painstakingly scratching the burnt parts off with a knife. So umm, to avoid that, check every five minutes. 

For the icing 

1. Melt the chocolate and butter together in a pan. Add that to a mixie along with the cream. Blitz together and splather it all over the cake. 

For the strawberries 

1. Cut them in half, and then cut those halves in half. Im sure youre confused. Basically, quarter them. Blah. Then, add the sugar and leave aside. 

2. Decorate them in circles around the cake, and you can also add the leftover strawberry sugar water, and yes, you may also add some vanilla essence for effect. I have successfully taught you how to save money and make your birthday cake at home. Hmm. 

Recipe number two: 

(Bok choy cooked with sesame oil and teriyaki sauce) 

What you need: 

Four to five bok choys, cleaned properly 
Ginger and garlic to taste, crush both 
Two tablespoons of sesame oil 
A splash of teriyaki sauce 

1. Heat up the sesame oil, in a wok please, and add the ginger and the garlic. 

2. Add everything else. 

3. Cook till whatever level you like your choy. But remember, the longer you keep it, more the crunch goes away. I like mine no crunch no mush, so I tried to achieve that perfect balance. 

4. Serve this. Yes. 

Ok, so now here is a picture of amazing jacket potatoes, cooking away merrily. 

I have made these earlier, I forgot which day, but I have. So after you make sure you purchase the biggest potatoes from your local veggie store, you boil them and cut them in half, and then scoop out the middle potatoes. You can either reserve it for the filling, or give it to hungry dogs. We took the dog route. For the filling, mix chopped spring onion, with hung curd and some feta. Do this in whatever proportion suits you. Also add some salt and pepper. Top with some basil and cook. You can do this either on the oven top, or inside, whatever suits you. 

Here comes the pizza… ūüėĬ†

Ok, so there is a vague N made on the pizza, because its in honour of my brother, whos just gotten an awesome job, and he finished a huge project. Im mighty proud of yooo. Accha so the N is for nuns, his pet name. I will not disclose the real name, but it starts with N. So umm, get lost ok. 

For this pizza, we bought the base from a store, but I did make one from scratch a few days back. For the topping, refer to the recipe from that day, my pizza recipe. That is Day 52 choons. For the veggies today, my lovely domestic help just chopped up whatever we had at home into chunks, and lightly cooked them in olive oil in a wok. So you add the tomato paste thing first, then the veggies, then the cheese. We used a combination of yellow and white, but you do whatever you want, and add whatever cheese you have at home. 

And here is my brother…¬†

Here is the cake once more because I cant get over it. 

That is an end to my blogventure for today. I hope you try some of this. Its good trust me. ūüôā¬†